Our names are Sonya and Salina Khanna. We are traveling sisters with gypsy souls and hippy hearts. We love to love, and nothing makes us happier than to see good being done for the benefit of everyone. We started this blog to spread our knowledge of how to stay conscious and keep your routine as healthy, natural, simple, and pure for the benefit of a beautiful body, soul, and ultimately

Sonya Khanna

I  believe we only have so much time in this life to create one of love and abundance. Our journey and path is special no matter where life takes us and we should embrace what we are given. I work for my family business as a Commercial Property Loan officer, marketing manager, and investor relations. I have been studying health & nutrition and psychology in school, and on my own since 2009. I spent a little time in the ARMY and have spent much time traveling to different areas of the United States and other Countries around the world. From this I have truly gained gifts, strengths, and lessons on life’s blessings.

♥ Things I love: People, animals, boats, laughing, dancing, being active, surfing, spreading LOVE, arts. crafts, and to be creative, bananas, MUSIC, a good glass of wine, a tropical frozen drink on the water,  to help others and  MAKE THEM HAPPY, to grow my mind, to challenge myself, psychology, reading, sports, new experiences, cooking health food, fitness, and passion for god and spirituality that comes from the heart*

As my passion for nutrition grew, I also learned that nearly all diseases and disorders can be prevented and, or cured,  and just about anything can be cooked with healthy ingredients, and still taste just as delicious. This lead me to…

MY VEGAN JOURNEY! For a few years now I had gone vegan on and off. Realizing I was allergic to dairy, butter and many animal products is what turned me to trying it. I first cut out animal by-products and continued to eat seafood and meat occasionally and slowly weaned my way off of that as well. After 15 years of having cystic acne it was the only thing that completely cleared my skin . I now have crazy amounts of energy, all day, every day, my body has toned naturally without exercise; I rarely ever get sick, and those are just a few of the many benefits. (And trust me, I get an abundance of protein!) The more I cooked and ate solely vegan food the more I began to LOVE everything about it, especially for the moral reasons! It has a huge beneficial impact on, personal health, overall society, our environment, and so much more.

Is veganism something I will do for life? I don’t know, it is a big commitment, but there are so many reasons why I would love to. It was very hard at first, people were extremely judgmental, including friends and family, I couldn’t eat everything at dinner parties or certain restaurants. Sometimes I just wanted a DAMN BITE of that cookie or pie without having to go home and cook it without some form of animal in it.. until I realized one very important thing


“And with that in mind, I had peace…” 

I stopped caring what others thought of me and found happiness in the fact that I am doing what is right and what is goodI have also learned through exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy eating lifestyle, hobbies, reading, feeding the soul, keeping conscious efforts to consume less and better, and being more green, overall (holistic approach), together we can keep and create a beautiful world in which we live in!

Constantly thinking of what you can do for others will ultimately benefit you in the long run! Sonya Khanna

That brings me to my amazing sister and one of the best role models anyone can ask for! She is the most driven and inspiring human being I have been lucky enough to spend nearly my whole life with. She is a huge part of my conscious effort in keeping our world clean and green and everything I strive to be in this life, I owe to her

Aloha! Mi chiamo Salina Maria.

I am back to Virginia after previously living in Taos, New Mexico. . My main courses of studies and interests (the short list) are Political Science, International Relations, Yoga, Salsa, languages, herbalism, and farming. I and am currently working in real estate and studying herbal medicine.

Salina Khanna

What I LOVE ♥: THE GREAT OUTDOORS & DANCE. I love my bike and swimming in open water. I love HORSES and African dance.  I love learning more about my native East Indian culture & roots and have recently taken a greater interest in Ayurveda, yoga, and the spirituality and philosophy of Indian religions. I speak Spanish, Italian, Hindi, and a little English (Haha). Cooking for others is a great joy. I know turmeric, cinnamon, curry, coconut oil, and hemp come from the Gods.  I love all living beings and find plants and animals to be fascinating and have value. I love to travel. Among my favorite spots are Spain, Colombia, New Mexico, and India. Future travel plans include: Nepal/India, Italy, and a bike tour to South America to learn Tango and volunteer (bold statements, bold plans!)

I was raised in the country and around the water, basically loving the elements– hello sunshine! The Khanna side is originally from eastern Pakistan (Lahore) and made their way to India before settling in the US. My mother’s side is European from Ireland and Italy (Yay immigrants and the third I). The Dalai Lama’s Buddhist tradition (and all religions at their core) teach a love for all beings, and thus recognize the wholesomeness and light that they shine and provide for others. I have taken what I’ve learned in the field of herbalism, natural healing, ayurveda, and what I understand of the fields of Chinese medicine and Native American teachings, alchemy, and my own family’s teaching that food, spices, and natural remedies, and spirit can heal all.

“Love and respect for all living things is mutually beneficial and can harness compassion, good energy, and a cycle of love.” -Salina Khanna

I have lately begun to prioritize simplicity, community health, and an attitude of gratitude as my personal recipe for happiness and peace. What drives me is doing good for ALL others, and that includes my relationship with the world around me.

♥ Son & Sal