Hike your own hike, cook your own food!

I have a bumper sticker on my car that says love people and cook them tasty food. I reckon it is true, cooking is an expression of love. 

I firmly believe being able to cook for oneself is a high form of autonomy. Knowing the ingredients you put in and their sources is powerful, especially at a day in age (and country) when we should be ever so skeptical of what’s being fed to us. 

Canadian Style
Indian Food- Canadian Style
Broccoly Cheddar: Vegan & Spicy
flower power
Tea time!
image2 (1)
Picnic at the park


You are what you eat and what you eat is simply science. Energy is neither being created nor destroyed, simply transformed into a useable life force for the body to function (like a well oiled machine or a old gas clunker).

The body is a temple. Is yours the Taj Majal or a decrepit old church? Knowledge is power and knowing what you’re putting in and how it affects your system is the right of each individual. I struggle to understand these times we live in when we don’t prioritize health over convenience. Whereas individuals may have control over certain aspects of their lives, they let someone else decide how they function. Just some food for thought!

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