Beautifull Green Soul

For The Greater Whole

Our Belief

Everything we do, consume, and use can be done in a natural, green, healthy, and simple way. The more conscious we are about bettering ourselves in a green, healthful way, the better off we do for the environment, society, and the beautiful place we are all lucky enough to call home.

Our Mission

TO HELP EVERY BEING! To spread awareness of how an overall green routine and constant consciousness can help better the world we live in.


Our names are Sonya and Salina Khanna. We are traveling sisters with gypsy souls and hippy hearts. We love to love, and nothing makes us happier than to see good being done for the benefit of everyone.

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Health is Wealth

Everything we eat is either fighting or fueling disease!

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Green World

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Save, Keep simple, Keep Natural, Keep GREEN!

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Serving people holistic health and environmental wellness by promoting and selling products and services by the greenest, meanest ninjas on the planet!

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Our Blog

Running out of Debt – By Nathan Fesmire

Be Green
I was doing okay with money…I thought.  I paid for my most recent car in cash all up front to eliminate recurring car payments.  I made a few smart decisions in college to minimize the amount of loans I’d need to take out.  Graduating with student loan debt totaling about half the average debt for …

Home for the Holidaze

Be Green
After spending a wonderful year in the most amazing oasis of a place, called Taos, New Mexico I’m back in the state doted for lovers– Virginia. New Mexico..especially the northern corridor with its high elevation at the base of the Rocky Mountains, arid desert, and Rio Grande Gorge/River is known as the “Land of Enchantment.” …

29 Feelin’ Fine

Be Green
It has been a lovely fall, to say the least. I’ve been blessed with more opportunities to learn and grow and develop many skills and interests. I turned another year older and perhaps another year bolder.  The past year I gave myself a move to Taos and with that was given a whole year of …

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