Home for the Holidaze: A Glimpse Into Homelessness

After spending a wonderful year in the most amazing oasis of a place, called Taos, New Mexico I’m back in the state doted for lovers– Virginia. New Mexico..especially the northern corridor with its high elevation at the base of the Rocky Mountains, arid desert, and Rio Grande Gorge/River is known as the “Land of Enchantment.” From this enchanting place I came approximately 1,723 miles, 5 days, and 4 nights later, after traveling across the country with a solar panel and a bike strapped to my car I arrived home to my lovers.

I left the small mountain town where I could ride my bike everywhere. Taos is a less than a 30-minute drive to the river basin, rock climbing, the montañas, or the river. For all you East Coasters… Taos is the East Coast equivalent of Asheville. It’s a hub for artists, outdoorsy folks, skiers and snowboarders, river guides and goers, and musicians… with quite an eclectic mix it’s alllll that.

So after struggling financially and having a really great opportunity on the homefront… I made the decision to come back to my roots. In doing so I’m setting out to have a debt free life, to be able to afford my own housing consistently, and to rely less and less on outside forces to be providing for myself and others. This inherently means relying more on my community…

In the land of enchantment, I continued on my path of growth and along the way met  “spiritual family,” always opening up their home, warmth, and love to me. Being home takes on many different meanings when you move and change locations. Hence, I share the story of being “homeless” from my special sister’s point of view:

Homelessness – An interview with MiscEllaneous

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