29 Feelin’ Fine

It has been a lovely fall, to say the least. I’ve been blessed with more opportunities to learn and grow and develop many skills and interests. I turned another year older and perhaps another year bolder.  The past year I gave myself a move to Taos and with that was given a whole year of blessings, including time and skills working on various farms, meeting a handful of skilled individuals with so many qualities and traits that have enriched my life. I could go on and on… but instead I’ll just leave you with a galleria of photos that kind of explain it all. Moving into this next year, I am venturing back to Virginia to take on new dreams, challenges, and horizons. 

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  1. Me at 28 — Moving to Taos, New Mexico, Somewhere on the road
  2. Another marvelous Taos Sunset
  3.  & 4. Weekend of my 29th birthday –
  4.  Birthday hike up flat top on the Blue Ridge Parkway with the folks.
  5. Wild fungi found in Virginia
  6. Gluten Free/Vegan Pesto pizza
  7. Homemade kim chi
  8. Mint Green Tea
  9. &
  10. Harvesting apples at Talpa Gardens
  11. First Snow in Taos
  12. Golden Milk Recipe
  13. Oh the frothiness
  14. Solar installation with my friend Tyler
  15. Mi mantra

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