Fall Wild Harvesting!

solar panels


  • I took my first trip up to Lama Foundation. How wonderful it was to get away to a secluded, spiritual location and feel the sentiment of the quiet and the mountain. Also very awe-inspiring seeing a true intentional community that has made sustainability a reality.
  • Colorado Harvesting- Went with a friend Morgaine Witriol, owner of local Native roots to wild harvest some Osha Root. See her website for more details of this powerful herbal medicine prior to cold/flu season.
  • Toothpaste making- Bipin and I went on a plastic free diet since July. I am kind of sick of everything that comes in plastic and all the trash. Recycling is great and all, but consuming plastic goods still requires energy, lots of it….And Petrol at that! Not to mention what fluoride does to the brain…. My mouth feels pretty clean after using some baking soda with peppermint. I’ve been visiting my friend Lou, a retired dentist, but I should have the recipe out on the blog once I’ve perfected it. In the meantime, here’s one I love: Toothpaste Recipe
    Breadmaking – I’m kind of with my friends who are over the “brain fog” effects of gluten. A processed byproduct of the unnatural, processed grains of today that have given bread a bad rep. But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop eating our favorite form of carbos. So I’m doing a vegan/gluten free version on the reg these days. Bananas are a great substitute for eggs (minus the cholesterol, plus the potassium!) Additionally, gluten free grains (like Spelt, my recent fav) have so much added nutrients, depending on the grain that you get the goods in your BREAD! Kale, yeah! Today’s specialty was applesauce/banana (as binders) and Blue Corn Atole, grown here on Taos Pueblo
  • Electric Vehicle Expo – Renewable Taos hosted the Electric Vehicle Expo with lots of insight and information about the benefits of owning an electric vehicle (hello, thank you- no emissions, no oil changes!) Contact the organization to find more information or simply ask!  According to Jay Levine, owner of a Tesla Model 3 said, “Regular maintenance on my car is rotate tires every 6250 miles and check brake fluid every 2 years or 25,000 miles. Some EVs have less standard maintenance!” I also spoke Jonathan, owner of a Nissan Leaf, who said his vehicle is worth $5,000- $6,000 used and $9,000- $10,000 new!
bread recipe
Breadmaing ingredients- Bananas, yeast (mixed with water), flour, baking soda!
ev cars
Tesla Model 3
tesla 2
Inside of Tesla Model 3
spelt bread
Spelt banana bread in the making



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