Piña Colada Popsicles


Whenever I am in the warm sun sitting by the water I am always craving a Piña Colada. Always. The pre-made mixes are just loaded with unhealthy sugar and artificial ingredients, so I have decided to make a little concoction that is just as delicious, yet better. And HEALTHY!!

Here is a Quick Easy Recipe for a Tasty frozen desert or natural, sugar-free, cocktail!



Coconut milk

Shaved/ shredded coconut

Dates/coconut date rolls

Fresh cut pineapple

maple syrup


What makes this recipe so easy is that you can use however much of each ingredient to your liking,  adding more of whichever you like best. I just threw all the ingredients in the blender with a small amount of dates and maple syrup to start with. You may add more dates and syrup to add more sweetness. Another great alternative to the syrup and dates is stevia, for a ZERO CALORIE sweetner! After blending Pour the mixture into the popsickle holders, or ice trays and pop it into the freezer!


If you would like to make cocktails, just make a larger batch, transfer it into a tupperwear, and throw it in the freezer. When it is frozen just put it back in the blender for just a bit with a little bit of rum! A perfect natural remedy for a hot summer day!


Enjoy ♥

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