50 reasons why coconut oil is magical


By: Sonya Khanna

Coconut oil is my life saver. I use it for EVERYTHING! and that is really all you need.

DISCLAIMER: COCONUT OIL, in my humble but honest opinion, is a miracle. When used the right way, it has an abundance of health benefits! Now just don’t go acting foolish. Test it out moderately before overdoing anything, and by all means DON’T go eating it out of the jar like like a hormonal pregnant woman eating peanut butter. It is still and fat and still high in calories. Indulge at your own risk… and always… enjoy!


1. Extremely Moisturizing Lotion alternative

2. Great teeth whitener (look up natural teeth whitening article)

3. Natural Makeup remover

4. High Smoke point (one of the healthiest oils for cooking)

5. Great Vegan butter alternative

6. Shines and softens hair like no other

7. Natural light SPF against sun

8. Speeds up metabolism

9. It smells like ocean breeze deliciousness and a frozen beverage in the hot sun 

10. Can kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi

11. Can help sooth psoriasis or eczema

12. Healthy for the Brain

13. Mild to taste

14. Can help alleviate allergy symptoms when rubbed inside nostrils

15. Clears cold sores

16. Great for Pregnancy to provide baby with essential fats for development

17. Safe and amazing lotion for babies skin

18. Anti-aging when used topically or internally

19. Natural bug repellent with mint oil

20. Safe for animals to use in homemade treats

21. Safe and effective for animals topically

21. Great alternative to use why baking

22. Natural Deodorant (for some..)

23. Natural Fats have been shown to help with anxiety and depression

24. Helps to increase absorption of calcium and magnesium

25. Can help to sooth a sore throat, in warm tea (1 tsp-1 tbsp )

26. May help improve insomnia

27. Natural tanning oil

28. Natural aftershave

29. Great use for homemade soaps

30. Helps to bind powders in homemade facial masks

31. Healthy fat for cholesterol

32. Provides natural source of energy

33. Helps skin to heal faster

34. Natural lip balm

35. Mix with sugar for a Natural and BEAUTIFYING body exfoliator

36. High in Lauric acid (healthy fat that may help to treat many health issues)

37. High in saturated fat

38. Not too thick or sticky

39. Helps to internally detox, as opposed to animal fats

40.  Fatty Acids can help to reduce appetite

41. May stimulate hair growth when massaged into scalp daily

42.Can help with circulation when massaged over feet and ankles

43. May boost Hormone production

44. Can help to speed up the recovery of mosquito bits

45. Has anti-inflammatory properties

46. Helps with appearance of cellulite

47. Use topically to kill yeast infections or reduce symptoms

48. Helps to prevent stretch marks when used daily

49. Can help with acne, and age spots

50. MY FAVORITE! (I have very large pores and OIL, yes natural OIL such natural coconut oil can keep pores clean by regulating the sebum levels. If you are using the oil on your large pores, make sure you are routinely exfoliating to keep the pores from being blocked by dead skin)

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